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School Uniform

At Killearn Primary School we strongly encourage a high standard of school uniform. We have worked closely with parents on the Parent Council and pupils on the Pupil Council to formulate the school uniform policy.

In accordance with Stirling Council we recognise the advantages of a school dress code and its contribution towards ethos, social inclusion and school security.

Our school uniform consists of the following items:

  • Red and black tie
  • Orange shirt
  • Dark grey trousers/skirt/pinafore
  • Bright pink sweatshirt with yellow logo(v-neck or crew neck)
  • Black polo shirt with pink logo.

Optional Items

  • Dark grey shorts/ pale blue summer dress (optional)
  • Red blazer (optional)
  • Redwaterproof jacket (optional)

It would be greatly appreciated of parents would restrict uniform to the above items. Items have been restricted deliberately to reduce the number of variations in uniform.

It is entirely up to parents and their children to choose which particular uniform they would like to wear on a day to day basis however, shirt and tie should be worn on special occasions such as church services, school photographs etc.

For further information on purchasing uniform please see the link below.

Ordering School Uniform

To order uniform follow the link here Border Emboideries Order

To order uniform follow the link here Tesco Order